Camper Testimonials

“My time at camp was really fun. I learned how to conquer my fears, meet new friends. I conquered my fear of the rock wall and I even learned how to shoot a bow and arrow.”
-Sami, Age 13

“Camp Nawakwa is a huge memory that I will cherish forever! Everyone was so kind and helpful. I loved every activity there was such as rock climbing, drama, swimming, archery, and one of my favorites the CAMP FIRE!!!”
-Glory, Age 10

“This week at camp was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned how to survive in the wilderness, how to build a shelter, and boosted my self-confidence. I shot a bow and arrow for the first time, and I jumped into a freezing cold pool at 6:30 in the morning.”
-Sydney, Age 11

 “My favorite activity at camp is arts and crafts. It was my favorite because you get to be creative with things. My two counselors are awesome they are so nice. The bunks in my cabin were terrific and the mattresses are soft.”
-Joelle, Age 9

 “We also did tons of things. My favorites were archery, arts and crafts, and the stuffed animal contest. We also had great counselors and teens watching us. The food we had tasted really good especially the cake. That was the best food I have ever tasted.”
-Sophia, Age 9

 “I had more fun here than I did playing video games and I truly know now that technology will never be able to replace outdoor fun nor will it be able to replace friends. These five days are life changing and I will never forget the people whom I met.”
-Angel, Age 15

Parent Testimonials

“This was the first camp I took my kids to. I was so surprised how amazing it was!!! The staff is awesome, the food was WAY better than I could have expected, and the activities and cabins were perfect for camp. I absolutely cannot wait until next time!!”
-Megan C.

“This is the best camp my kids have ever been to!! They absolutely loved it, staff was happy and energetic with kids leaving electronics and all the commotion of the Valley behind. This camp is a secluded Natural Amazing place.  I was apprehensive to leave my kids for the first time on an away camp but the camp staff assured me my kids would have fun and boy they did... fishing, fire camps, archery, rock climbing, lake kayaking, hiking, swimming and just being around nature took my kids breath away. My son literally told me, ‘I never felt so peaceful like this week before’.”
-Lenny I.

“This summer was our very first experience with Camp Nawakwa. We originally met the director at the farmers market in Upland and was instantly interested in their program for our 8 year old daughter. The informational application and approval process was quick and easy. Her first time away at summer camp, of course we were every bit nervous. We drove our other three children up to drop her off and met the camp director again as well as the counselors who would be leading her specific group. I expressed my reservations and fears with her being gone for 6 days and we felt assured and comfortable driving away. We followed her journey daily on the Facebook page as they kept it active with photos during the kids' explorations. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time and we are so very grateful for the kindness shown to our family through this wonderful camp.”
-Jason C.

“My 9 year old son had his first camp experience and is hooked! The staff was very warm and welcoming.   My son wouldn't stop raving about all his new friends.  The cabins were clean and cozy, camp layout was nice and open and bathrooms were clean and centrally located.  I like how there was a health review before camp started and the kids temperatures were checked and they were also inspected for head lice. I'm glad the preventative action was taken.  My son already is excited about going back next year.'“
-Jean Marie M.