“My time at camp was really fun. I learned how to conquer my fears, meet new friends. I conquered my fear of the rock wall and I even learned how to shoot a bow and arrow.”

-Sami, Age 13

“Camp Nawakwa is a huge memory that I will cherish forever! Everyone was so kind and helpful. I loved every activity there was such as rock climbing, drama, swimming, archery, and one of my favorites the CAMP FIRE!!!”

-Glory, Age 10

“This week at camp was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned how to survive in the wilderness, how to build a shelter, and boosted my self-confidence. I shot a bow and arrow for the first time, and I jumped into a freezing cold pool at 6:30 in the morning.”

-Sydney, Age 11

 “My favorite activity at camp is arts and crafts. It was my favorite because you get to be creative with things. My two counselors are awesome they are so nice. The bunks in my cabin were terrific and the mattresses are soft.”

-Joelle, Age 9

 “We also did tons of things. My favorites were archery, arts and crafts, and the stuffed animal contest. We also had great counselors and teens watching us. The food we had tasted really good especially the cake. That was the best food I have ever tasted.”

-Sophia, Age 9

 “I had more fun here than I did playing video games and I truly know now that technology will never be able to replace outdoor fun nor will it be able to replace friends. These five days are life changing and I will never forget the people whom I met.”

-Angel, Age 15