Head Cook

The Head Cook will supervise and work with the entire kitchen team in providing delicious and nutritious food in a residential camp environment in a highly professional kitchen facility.  The Head cook is accountable for the kitchen staff, preparation of meals, cleanliness and scheduling of kitchen personnel. Additionally the Head Cook will work with Camp Directors to inventory, order, receive and store all food stuffs.  The Head Cook will plan and execute all meals served during camp sessions.

The key duties of the Head Cook will be:
·       To plan and execute delicious and nutritious meals for campers and staff.
To use math skills for scaling recipes, measuring, weighing, time and temperature conversions, estimating and controlling portions and tracking food used, consumed and wasted.
·       To use and maintain commercial equipment.
·       Train kitchen staff .
·       Maintain pantry and storeroom.
·       Plan Menus and utilize left overs.
·       Be on call to respond to group needs.
·       Customize menu offerings to meet the specific needs of campers and staff.
·       To demonstrate proper use and maintenance of knives, slicers, processors and other hand implements.
·       To lift and carry 30lbs.
·       To use visual and auditory senses to identify and respond to problems and hazards in the kitchen.
·       To arrive ready to work on time.
·       To maintain high standards of personal hygiene, grooming of hair, hands, finger nails, clean and appropriate clothing, shoes, hats, apron, and gloves, and a willingness to conform to strict dress codes and uniforms.
Participate in a multi-day training and qualification program before starting work.
·       Live on site during program delivery.
·       To work hard and well under pressure.
·       Show interest and knowledge of food, names, terminology and food nutrition.
·       To clean dishes, equipment and facilities with hard work and demanding situations.
·       Other duties as assigned.