Who manages Camp Nawakwa and Camp Blue Sky?

Camp Nawakwa and Camp Blue Sky programs are managed by Outdoor Journeys in partnership with Camp Fire Inland Southern California. Outdoor Journeys is under the leadership of it's CEO, a twenty-six year veteran of residential and day camping, Johnny McLaughlin. The camps are under the direction of Johnny McLaughlin, Patrick Walsh, the Summer Camp Director, and a highly experienced program and support staff team.

What if someone is injured or becomes sick while at camp?

Our medical staff are on call 24 hours a day. The local hospital in Big Bear is only 25 minutes away and EMS can be on site in less than 15 minutes.

Who works at Camp Nawakwa?

Our greatest asset at camp is our hard-working, knowledgeable staff. As role models for youth, they create a healthy and safe community in which children can grow, learn and explore. Staff are selected for their leadership ability, strength of character, friendly personality, passion for working with children and youth development skills. All staff are CPR and First Aid Certified and have passed federal and state background checks. Because of the strong applicant pool we select from, each staff member has demonstrated skills through work experience, educational experience, talent and motivation.

What type of hiring procedures & background checks are conducted?

All staff are required to pass a rigorous selection process beginning with a mandatory application and multiple interviews by the leadership team. If an applicant interviews successfully, a minimum of two references are contacted and verified. All staff undergo fingerprinting, state background checks, and federal background checks.   

When is my payment due for camp?

A $200 deposit is required at the time of registration, with the remainder charged to the card on file on June 1st. If registering after June 1st, the total amount will be required at the time of registration. If you need to make financial arrangements please contact our Community office at (909)-982-5400. 

What payment methods do you accept?                                                                                                                                                                                                            

All major credit cards are accepted for online registrations. If you would like to pay by check please contact our registrar by email at summer@outdoorjourneys.org or call us at (909)-982-5400.

What is your cancelation policy?

If canceling within one week before the chosen session starts, you will receive no refund. All other cancelations will result in a refund of the full amount paid, minus a $50 Administration fee.

When is drop off and pick up for Camp Nawakwa?

Drop off is between 3-4 PM the first scheduled day and pick up is between 10-11 AM on the last scheduled day.

Are bed linens and towels provided (Camp Nawakwa Programs)?

Camp Nawakwa (overnight camps) participants are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags or bed linens, towels (swim and shower) and personal toiletries. 
Camp Blue Sky participants are responsible for bringing their own towel and swimming gear on days when we will be at the pool.

Can participants bring snacks to camp?

Camp Nawakwa has a wonderful kitchen staff that can accommodate each group’s dietary needs. Participants are welcome to bring personal snacks and we will make every effort to store those snacks in the camp store, but space is limited. No food is allowed in the cabins or at program areas. Camp will not be liable for any lost or stolen snacks.
Camp Blue Sky participants are asked to bring their own lunches, which will be stored onsite during the morning. An afternoon snack will be provided.

How are camp staff trained?

Before your child arrives at Camp Nawakwa or Camp Blue Sky, every Camp staff member has successfully participated in mandatory staff training. During this time, staff are led through a series of interactive workshops that fine-tune their leadership skills and knowledge. The primary workshops that staff attend include: Camp Health, Camper Management & Supervision, Conflict Management & Communication, Emergency Procedures, Leading Camp Activities, Personnel Policies, and Risk Management. Additional training incorporates staff bonding, teamwork, learning about working with today’s youth, how to lead skits & songs, and learning about specific camp activities.

What kind of food is served at Camp Nawakwa?

Camp Nawakwa offers delicious and nutritious menu options and works diligently to meet the dietary needs and preferences of each group & child. Three well-balanced meals of tasty, wholesome food are served each day in sufficient quantities for active children and adults. An afternoon snack is also provided. Those who also would like second helpings may have them. Please inform us of any food allergies when you fill out the medical form.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

Yes, but only if a camper has a medical condition and requires a special meal, or if a camper is requesting a special meal due to food intolerance(s) or other medical reasons.  Food preferences are accommodated only within reasonable requests.  

What are the sleeping arrangements at Camp Nawakwa?

Children are housed in one of our cabins, with easy access to bathrooms and showers. Girls sleep in their own area, as do boys. Campers must bring their own sleeping bags, pillows etc. Please see the camp packing list

What does my child need to pack for Camp Nawakwa?

The packing list for Traditional Summer Camps is available here. 
The packing list for Survival Camps is available here.

What age does my child have to be to attend summer camp?

Day Camps: 6-14 years old
Overnight Camps: 8 to 14 years old
Teen Academy: Ages 15 to 17 years

How old are your Outdoor Leaders?

The Unit Leaders are at least twenty one and older. Outdoor Leaders are eighteen years and older.

What time do they eat?

Breakfast is scheduled at 8:00 a.m., lunch at 12:30 p.m., and dinner at 5:30 p.m.

Do the campers do their own cooking?

Traditional Overnight campers do not do their own cooking. Adventure Programs have a progressive program in which the campers prepare their own meals under close supervision.

What if my child has food allergies?

Any allergies should be stated on their health history form, and we will make sure to have substitutions for those foods that should be omitted.

What time do campers go to bed?

Campers are scheduled to have lights out by 9:00 p.m.

How many kids go to camp each week?

We will have an average of 120 campers per session. Each cabin will be assigned no more than 16 campers. We maintain a camper to staff ratio of 8:1 in accordance with American Camp Association guidelines.

How far is the lake?

The lake is about three quarters of a mile hike from camp.

Can my child be driven to the lake?

If a camper has any medical problems that will prevent him from a hike to the lake, we do make arrangements to drive them there. This information has to be stated on their health history form.

Can I drive or pick up my child from camp?

You will drop-off and pick-up your child from Camp Nawakwa. 

Can I send a 7 year old child to camp?

Only if the seven year old child is mature enough, and you know that he/she won’t get homesick. If your child becomes homesick and needs to go home, it is your responsibility to pick them up from camp. There will be no refund given.

Can I send a 15 year old to camp?

All of our activities are progressive, so even if your child has attended a traditional camp before and is now over 14 years old, they can still continue to attend camp until the age of 15. Teen Academy is a great next step for campers 15-17 years old. If they get bored and want to go home as a result, it is your responsibility to pick them up from camp. There will be no refund given.

If I send two or more campers, can they all be assigned to the same cabin?

It depends on their age. If the campers are within one year apart and are of same gender we are more that glad to accommodate your request. Make sure you write that request in your registration form.

How do you assign campers to cabins?

We separate campers by gender and by age.

Can parents or relatives get in contact with campers?

Parents can call the office and leave messages for campers, bring letters with them to check-in to be given to their camper throughout their stay, or send one-way emails. We do not allow campers to bring cell phones to camp. For pictures and updates throughout the summer, follow Camp Nawakwa on facebook.

Can my child call me?

Phone calls are only allowed if there is an emergency.

My child takes medication to manage behavioral issues; can they still come to camp?

Yes, they may still attend as long as they are attending main stream education and if their medication manages their behavior. Medication vacations are not permitted while your child is attending camp. If your child is sent to Camp without their appropriate medications, you will have to pick them up immediately with no refund.  If you fail to have your child picked up, then child protective authorities will be contacted.  

For more information or reservations call: Johnny McLaughlin (909) 600-4072 or email johnny@outdoorjourneys.org