Archery Instructor

The Archery Instructor will be responsible for ensuring the safety of campers as they participate in archery training and practice. The Archery Instructor will abide by and meticulously follow all necessary safety precautions. In addition to camp archery activities the Archery Instructor will support Outdoor Leaders in their supervision of campers through daily activities including meal times, cabin time, overnight, and transitions between activities. The Archery Instructor will also serve as a role model and mentor to members of Outdoor Journeys’ Teen Academy. The Archery Instructor will report directly to Camp Program Director. The Archery Instructor will live on site during the delivery of programming to campers.

Through the supportive guidance of camp staff members, campers build their own unique community in which each member can experience a sense of belonging, connectedness, safety, acceptance and appreciation.

The key duties of the Archery Instructor will be:
·       Guide cabin groups of campers through full participation in camp archery programming.
·       Maintain a clean camp and activity area.
·       Support counseling staff in their supervision of campers.
·       Maintain program equipment and area to ensure all aspects are safe for campers and staff to participate.
·       Perform an inventory of supplies and equipment at the close of each camp session, report any needs to direct line supervisor.
·       Facilitate large and small group activities.
·       Monitor the health, well-being and safety of campers.
·       Abide by and enforce camp policies.
·       Communicate with campers, families and staff in a mature and professional manner at all times.
·       Participate in evening programs.
·       Support the delivery of food service, including the prep and clean up during meals.
Attend staff training.
·       Live on-site while camp is in session.
Clean camp areas after programming.
·       Be a positive role model for campers.
·       Keep campers safe at all times.
·       Work with Camp Operations Manager for facility needs (housekeeping and maintenance).
·       Attend Staff Meetings.
·       Other duties as assigned.